Raywatt Jhantarangura (Ray)


Lullaby Yoga Teacher Training Graduate TT4

“Yoga allows the practitioners to have all benefits for daily living”

Ray has been practicing yoga for more than 10 years. Firstly, he entered yoga classes at a fitness center and expected the flexibility and relaxation as he named it as Yoga. He became soon founding later that not only the flexibility and relaxation had been improved into himself after practicing for some months, but also the strength, fit & firm and of cause the happiness as well. He left all fitness programs behind and turned his journey to real yoga practicing at many famous yoga studio and various styles of yoga practice around Bangkok such as Absolute Yoga, Yoga Element, Yoga101 and Lullaby Yoga. After practicing mostly in every famous studio and every styles of yoga available, he found again that not only flexibility, strength, fit&firm and happiness were enough for his practicing, there should be something more than the physical and mind practice at yoga that must be acknowledge, what when where why and how yoga very effective to his body and mind.

And it was the right time, he decided applying to Yoga Teacher Training RYS200 English program at Lullaby Yoga Studio and had been learning and training in all available useful knowledge in Yoga such as the Philosophy, History, Physical Anatomy, Energetic Anatomy, Teaching Technique, How to manage the classes, etc. Finally, he becomes the RYS200 Certified Yoga Teacher who realize that what exactly the Yoga really means. It is not only flexible, strength, fit&firm and happiness, but Yoga means all connection of everything in daily living. If we are living, so we are doing the yoga. Yoga allows the practitioners to have all benefits of daily living which could be physical improvement, mind development, and even the spiritual achievement. There are plenty something deeper and wider of us to discover more and more. And he is indeed ready to share his knowledge and his own practice experience to all students who would like to know better, get closer and receive the benefit of the Yoga practice.

Ray has been started teaching at some studios and company after the graduation for a period of time as part time teacher. He feel more in love in sharing, teaching and instructing the classes at various styles of yoga such as Hot, Vinyasa, Flow, Ashtanga, Yin-Yang, Hatha, etc.

And he is very confident to be as Yoga Teacher in full time or part time at your studio, if possible. So he could serve his experience of teaching and instructing for your members as a professional teacher.


  • BA in Journalism and Mass Communication, Thammasat University


  • Bangkok, Thailand

Type of Certification:

  • Vinyasa 200HRS (English) Lullaby Yoga
  • Yin Yoga Workshop (Anatomy and Meridians) with Jo Phee
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