Pornpimol Putprasert (Ann)


Lullaby Yoga Teacher Training Graduate TT1

Ann has finished school of Interior design and textile in Paris, France where she had been living and working for almost 9 years. Returning home , she continued doing her own business in the area and spent her free time in the gym which was not fulfilled her need for body and mind. When she first practiced yoga in 2003 staring with hot yoga, that was the turning point in her life.

Yoga has changed her life forever. She has been practicing hot yoga for one year and started Hatha and Vinyasa yoga since 2005 everyday, seven days a week until now. Yoga for her is the way to unite the body and the mind, the way to learn about how the mind control the body and how to stop the wondering mind and be in the present moment. Yoga for her is an infinite knowledge and a kind of meditation in motion.

Ann has joined so many work shop both in Bangkok and New York before joining Lullaby. Her need to have a deep understanding in yoga made her decided to join Lullaby TT training in June 2012 and earned her 200 RYT from the school. She has been working with so many experienced teachers and gurus and found out her own way of teaching which emphasized and focus on how to be in the postures with the contentment and stillness of the mind. For her, yoga is not about doing a fancy poses, but to listen and honor to self and continue practicing without expectation and comparison.

Ann’s class is about sharing the love of yoga, and go with the flow in the beauty of the moment , become centered , let go , and add the modification of the asana to make the class more fun, energetic and unpredictable. Her philosophy of teaching is to enter every practice like it’s the first time and first day on the mat.


  • BA Faculty of Arts, Chulaiongkorn University , Thailand
  • MA Interior Design, Paris, France


  • Bangkok, Thailand

Type of Certification:

  • Vinyasa 200 HRS (English)
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