Eunha Jang


Lullaby Yoga Teacher Training Graduate TT6

Eunha started practicing yoga in 2005 at a studio in Korea. As a high school student, her motivation to practice was to cure shoulder pain coming from stress and also to calm her mind. After three years of practice, the shoulder pain she experienced completely disappeared, and she gained a peace of mind. Since then, yoga has been a major part of her life that has allowed her to enjoy her life better.

Even though she always loved practicing yoga, it wasn’t until she knew that the corporate life she was living was not for her that she decided to pursue yoga as her career. Working for a manufacturing company wasn’t what she wanted to do. After contemplating her future for a couple of years, she started looking for other lines of work and ultimately decided that yoga was what she wanted to with her life. She then quit her job in Korea and moved to Bangkok to become a yoga teacher. Eunha is a graduate of Lullaby Yoga’s Vinyasa yoga teacher training course, holding a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) – 200 certificate.

Her UTP (Unique Teaching Positioning) aims to provide full relaxation and obtain a peace of mind while also building both strength and flexibility. She keeps an emphasis on essential alignment principles to prevent injuries. She believes in the philosophy of yoga and would like to share yoga’s power of meditation and help her students lead better lives.


  • Hong-Ik University, B.S in Chemical Engineering


  • Bangkok, Thailand

Type of Certification:

  • Vinyasa RYT 200HRS (English) Lullaby Yoga
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